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Inktober 2019 - Fuzzy Cute Animals

Hi everyone, I thought I would do a quick little showcase of all the super cute fuzzy animals I drew for Inktober this year. I'm really happy with the way these drawings turned out and I definitely feel like my drawing skills improved a lot by the end of the month, which is really the ultimate goal of Inktober and why I continue to do it year after year.

I loved everything about drawing these cuties and I really hope it gave everyone just a little bit of happiness all October long :) Here they all are in no particular order:

Everyone has already seen some of the color that I am adding to each of these but I have a little extra special something coming for some of the favorites that I am super excited to share :) Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can buy any of these original drawings at MY SHOP

Also, you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or like my page on Facebook for new art or sign up for MY NEWSLETTER (all the way at bottom of the page) to stay up to date with new art and art sales.

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