Some of my oldies but goodies. A lot of these works are available at my ETSY store but contact me if you do not see something there that you want (billifrench@gmail.com)

Game of ThroneBots Series
A Game of Thrones and robots mashup art
Happy Planet Series
One of my first art series which I made cute characters out of all the planets in our solar system
Little Scientists Series
Also, one of my first art series which I turned famous scientists into cute little baby versions
Best Friends Fur-ever Series
A cuddle dog series starring happy dogs and their favorite toys. These were all commissioned by fans
Famous Characters Series
These are some of my older artworks I completed when I was just getting started using digital painting techniques. 
Inktober 2017 Series
Pen and Ink drawings from the 2017 Inktober drawing event. A lot of geeky ones here. So much fun!