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I am an artist based in Maryland. I live in a pleasant little townhouse with my husband, Mike, and my Australian Shepherd, Spock. I have a broad range of art styles but I mainly focus on cute vibrant illustrations as well as the occasional fine art painting.

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Check out the list below of all the tools I use to create  my art. Click the links to get more information about each item. 


Pentel Pocket Brush Pen - This is a go to brush pen for me. If you do not have this pen you should get one. Creates nice clean lines.

Zebra Fude Brush Pen - This brush pen is pretty awesome. Creates nice lines and has a nice feel with put to paper. The only down fall is that there are no ink refills, however the pen itself is relatively inexpensive compared to others. 

Kuretake No. 8 Fountain Brush Pen - Very similar to the Pental Pocket Brush pen. Basically a go to for me because it creates awesome lines that easily go from thick to thin.

Prismacolor Fine Line Markers - These come is a variety of sizes. I tend to stick to the .03 and .01 sizes for more detailed work. 


Pilot Color Mechanical Pencil - I have an extremely heavy hand and I have found that this is really the only thing that works for me and does not leave pencil indents.

Hammermill Paper -  I use this paper for initial sketches, inking and cor copic marker coloring. I like the thickness of the paper and think it holds the ink well. 



Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop​ - I love Photoshop and do all my coloring with it. There is so many things that you can do with Photoshop and its so easy and fun to experiment with. I feel like every day I learn a new technique or way of doing something.  I usually stick with CS6 but I have cloud too for my laptop when I am on the go and need to do work. 


Copic Markers - I started off with this 36 set of Copic markers Ciao Series first and then quickly grew. Copic markers are super fun to play around with. They are a bit pricey but well worth it. The Ciao series is a little cheaper because you cannot purchase ink refills, but this is a good starter set for anyone wanted to practice. 

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