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This listing is for your choice of any 1 art print from my Cute Fuzzy Animal Series (You can choose multiple if you want hehe)


The drawings are all completed with pen & ink with color added digitally.

See all of the animals to choose from here:


Here are the Animals to choose from:

- Fuzzy Owl with a Little Hat

- Adorable Penguin with a Fuzzy Scratchy Scarf

- Cute Little Hedgehog with a Darling Little Sun Hat

- Lovely Giraffe with a Stylish Fuzzy Bow Tie

- Adorable Fuzzy Elephant with a Precious Parasol

- Precious Fuzzy Bear with a Precious Old Man Hat

- Cute Little Otter with a Little Pipe

- Cute Little Mallard with an Old Powdered Wig

- A Tall Horse with Boots and a Bolo Tie

- Cute Turtle with Fuzzy Slippers and Sleepy Time Hat

- Plump Little Panda with a Darling Bowler Hat

- Adorable Camel with Fuzzy Old Socks

- Cute Droopy Basset Hound with a Spinner Hat

- Hip Little Mouse with a Rad Backwards Cap

- Tiny Little Chick with an Extra Giant Stovepipe Hat

- A Plump Cow with a Cute Little Barbershop Hat

- Chic Little Flamingo with Gorgeous Knee-High Boots

- Beautiful Bat with Gorgeous High Heel Shoes

- Gentleman Cat with a Fuzzy Sweater and Cute Little Hat

- Cute Little Raccoon with Fun Little Rollerblades

- Bashful Little Lady Panda with a Darling Hat

- Big Cute Hippo with a Cute Little Fex

- Dapper Little Fox with a Fancy Little Bow Tie and Bouttoniere

- Regal Little Guinea Pig with a Cute Crown

- Dapper Little Piggy with Darling Glasses

- Cute Sloth with a Tuxedo Vest and Bow Tie

- Cute Fuzzy Bunny with Awesome Chucks


Shipping Details: Art prints are shipped inside a heavy duty cardboard poster mailer and are guaranteed to arrive safely or you will reeive a new one for free.

Cute Fuzzy Animal Series- Pick One

  • Original art...only one of each item in stock

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