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Harry Potter Coloring Pages

HI everyone! I hope my cute Harry Potter drawings brought some smiles to you while you are quarantined at home. A friend recently had a great idea to adapt some of these doodles into a fun little coloring book to share with you so you can color at home and take your mind off of these crazy times. So, while I don't really have the resources to make a full book, I have created a easy little PDF which you can download and print from home to suit your coloring needs. There are five Harry Potter drawings including Hagrid, Harry Potter, Mrs McGonagall, Professor Snape, and Dumbledore.

You can download all of these at the link below. These are free for use by anyone so enjoy and go to town doodling! If you do feel like handing me a tip, I would happily accept and continue to donate all tips to the Capital Area Food Bank which is working hard to feed those in need in my area. The food bank says that $1 can create 5 meals for them which is awesome!

Tips can be sent by paypal to or by venmo to Obillwon

(Clicking on the file link below will automatically download the HP Coloring Pages)

Download PDF • 7.73MB

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