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Food Bank Donations for Artwork

Hi everyone :) and thanks for checking out my new blog post. I have some older art prints that I have been meaning to figure out something to do with and this idea seems like a win-win to me. So, I will be selling prints of all of the art below for donations to my local DC-area food bank (The Capital Area Food Bank).

All the prints below will be on sale for my shipping cost ($5) + whatever you would like to offer as a donation to the food bank. All proceeds, not including the shipping cost, will be donated directly to the food bank.

There is no limit on what you can purchase and please feel free to donate whatever you are comfortable with...definitely no judgements at all here! Feel free to grab eight Steve Zissou prints if you want or just one little pluto print hehe. The goal is to kind of clean out some of this old work while raising a tad bit of money for a nice cause. These could be a nice little gift for a friend or family member, or just a happy treat for you, or both (grab one for them and one for you lol)!

Please message me by email: or DM me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram to arrange for me to ship to you. Also, I will accept payments via Venmo or Paypal. Thanks everyone!

All the art below is from older series and are digital illustrations/paintings printed on 12x18 inch posters. They look great in a little frame too.

Famous Characters: Dumbledore / Indiana Jones / Daenarys Targaryen / Steve Zissou / Mork (Robin Williams) / Omar Little / Spock / Yoda

Happy Planets: Mercury / Venus / Earth / Mars / Jupiter / Saturn / Uranus / Neptune + The Sun & Pluto...don't forget about Pluto!

Little Scientists: Little Copernicus / Little Einstein / Little Curie / Little Plato / Little Newton / Little Archimedes / Little Franklin / Little Planck

Here's a little gallery of some mockups and to show their size a little better:

Shipping: All art prints will be rolled into a sturdy tube with a plastic mailer around it to protect it from shipping and/or rain damage. Thanks!

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